My Girl

Title: My Girl

Genre: Comedy , Romance

Episodes: 16 + Making Of  My Girl

Year: 2005 – 2006

Language: Korean

Main Cast:

Lee Dong Wook: Seol Gong-chan
Lee Da Hae: Ju Yoo Rin
Lee Joon Ki: Seo Jung Woo
Park Si Yeon: Kim Sae Hyun


Jo Kye Hyung: Ahn Jin-kyu
Hwang Bo Ra: Ahn Jin-shim
Lee Eon Jeong: Yoon Jin-kyung
Byun Hee Bong: Seol Woong (Grandfather)
Kim Yong Rim: Jang Hyung-ja
Ahn Suk Hwan: Jang Il-do
Choi Ran: Bae In-sun
Jung Han Hun: Joo Tae-hyung


This is the story about 2 different people who fall in love… Ju Yoo Rin is a excellent liar, who cares a lot about the money. She is very good at lying and making profit out of things, her father a bad gambler who is constantly losing money, this makes Ju Yoo Rin’s life  difficult ever since she was a little girl, the had to move a lot, change names for her father’s debts. Because of this she knows and talks a lot of other languages that helps her in her work as a tourist guide. Seol Gong-chan is serious, responsible, a man who never lies, with a broken heart after his girlfriend left him to fallow her dream, he lives to make his sick grandfather’s dream come true that is to find his lost granddaughter (Seol Gong-chan cousin).

Seol Gong-chan meets Ju Yoo Rin in a plane where she makes a scene to make time so the tourist who are running late can get on the flight, later on he meets her when she’s running away from her father’s debtors when Seol Gong-chan almost hit her with his car, she lies to make him take her to the hospital so she can escape from the guys following her. When Ju Yoo Rin learn who is really Gong-chan a man with a lot of money she tries to get some compensation out of the accident, Gong-chan says that he called to the hospital and they said that she was fine, so she can’t get anything from him. Gong-chan offers her a job as a translator in a business meting on his family’s empty mansion. When the job is over she starts thinking that such a big house with no one living on it is a waste… and since she is homeless right now… when everyones is gone she sneaks back in and starts living there without Seol Gong-chan’s permission. As alway Ju Yoo Rin finds a way to make money selling the oranges on the field of the mansion.  After a few days she’s finally discovered by Gong-chan she says she’s sorry but she needed the money to buy an plane ticket (for her father so he can run away), he doesn’t believe her and ask for all the money she made back and kicks her out. They keep meting many times again by coincidence, but when Gong-chan’s grandfather’s condition gets critical and his final wish is to met her granddaughter he ask Ju Yoo Rin to lend him her lying abilities… and become his fake cousin to save his grandfather until he finds the real one. At first she says no… but when he says that he is going to pay her, she accepts. When Gong-chan starts to know Yoo Rin better he realizes that she’s not a bad person… so they start to have feelings for each other but at the eyes of everyone they are cousins, so is impossible to be together… Will Yoo Rin stop lying about her feelings and be honest? Will Gong-chan lose his grandfather for this lie? Or is it really impossible to be together even if people finds out the truth? Everything will get more complicated when Seol Gong-chan’s ex-girlfriend Kim Sae Hyun comes back and tries to be with him again… and when Seo Jung Woo, Gong-chan’s relative falls in love for Ju Yoo Rin


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