Hoshi wa Utau


Title: Hoshi wa Utau

Mangaka: Natsuki Takaya

Genre: Romance, Comedy, School Life

Length: 4 Volume (ongoing)


Sakuya Shiina loves looking at starts and is the president of a star-gazing club at her high school. She lives with her cousin Kanade since apparently her father abandoned her, so she know works to support herself and Kanade for the time being, because he is taking a break (of what? I don’t know) so this makes people talk badly of him, but Sakuya doesn’t care because she is finally happy.

On her eighteenth birthday, when she gets home from work to celebrate her birthday with Kanade, but there’s someone else a good looking guy called Chihiro at first she believes is Kande’s friend since she doesn’t know him…. Chihiro even gives her a gift, later when he leaves he says to her that he heard about her family problems and if she is able to smile is because she has done her best, this makes Sakuya happy and intrigued by Chihiro.

The next day after the party Sakuya learns that Kanade had invited him to the party thinking that he was her boyfriend, so they finally realize that none of them knows him. Who is Chihiro really and will Sakuya meet him again?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

    Apr 30, 2011 @ 00:26:46

    I’m gona read this now!!! AHHHH!!! Lol.


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