Gakuen Prince


Title: Gakuen Prince

Mangaka: Jun Yuzuki

Genre: Romance, Comedy, School Life, Drama, Smut

Length: 6 Volume (ongoing)


Jyoshioka Gakuen Private High School is prestigious an all school girls that have recently become coed, for this reason the girls out-number the boys…. the richest, the talented and smartest are in s-class, and most of them are the male students. But what could possibly go wrong in this school… there’s always a catch the females students have turn this school into a battlefield, which one will get the best boy? In this competition everything is allowed, here the males are stalked, take advantage of and well sexually harassed, they will do anything to get the boy the want. But there’s a rule if a guy has a steady girlfriend no other girls can touch him…

Everything gets complicated when the new hunk, transferred student Azusa Mizutani arrives, all the sex-crazed students wants to seduce him and do more than that. So Mizutani is forced to find a girl so he can avoid all this hardcore harassment… so here enters the geeky looking girl who is the only one not interested in him, the honor student Rise Okitsu, when Mizutani is desperate trying to escape, meets with Rise by accident, while she was hiding from all the commotion. Mizutani uses her as a shield saying he is her guy now.

Somehow Rise is now dragged into this mess and has to endure a lot of bullying because of Mizutani, but Munechika prevents him saying that if he is incapable of protecting her… he would regret it later… Will Mizutani keep this fake relationship even if Rise gets hurt…? What will happen when Rise stands strong to protect Mizutani even if she has to fight all the girls in this school and endure the bullying?

Licensed: Del Rey Manga


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. makinpofanatic
    May 30, 2009 @ 15:11:55

    oh i’m interested in this manga


  2. ignorant wanderer
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 20:42:32

    read it, it’s really funny. stupid in a sense that the girls go wild overboard to get the guy. the artwork is funny- especially the surreal ones that caught my attention. ^_^


  3. sophia
    Dec 25, 2009 @ 17:01:16

    this is like one of the sexiest mangas awsome
    funny and art is great


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